Monero GUI on Tails 3

Monero and Tails are two projects that focus on privacy and security. When combined they can form a potent combination.

Tails can be used to create (cold storage) Monero wallets. And if you want to use Monero on Tails you have to option to connect to an end-to-end encrypted remote Monero node via a Tor onion service. This is pretty secure and pretty private, especially if you run the Monero node yourself.

The command line interface of Monero works fine on Tails 2.x. But the Monero GUI has issues on Tails 2.x. The Monero GUI does work on Tails 3 beta 3.

Screenshots of the Monero GUI on Tails 3 beta 3

Location of Monero GUI on custom Tails image

Create (cold storage) Monero Wallet

Store multiple Monero Wallets in Keepassx

Custom Tails image

We have created instructions on how to integrate the Monero GUI on the Tails 3 image.

The screenshots are from an actual custom Tails image. We have included these screenshots on the image for educational purposes.

We are currently evaluating whether we should release this image. The custom image would be for educational uses only. If we decide to release it we will urge people not to use it for sending or receiving actual Monero payments. The short and simple reason for this is that you should not trust us. If you like the modified Tails image you can use the instructions to create your own image so you don’t have to trust our image.

The custom Monero/Tails image is a proof of concept. We hope that it will drive interest to get Monero on the official Tails image.

Donate and Support

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions you can leave a comment below or send an (encrypted) email.

You can support us by donating to:




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